Work To Pass Certificate of Rehabilitation Legislation!

If you are an ex-offender, or related to one, you know the only way to stay out of prison is to get work.  Without work there is no money to pay your bills.  The Rehabilitated Project (TRP) is dedicated to helping all ex-offenders get work.  We do this two ways:

TRP’s primary goal is to assist ex-offenders re-enter society based upon their civility and continued good works.  We accomplish this through providing Classes (where we have a lengthy discussion about this subject) based upon our Credo to any ex-offender wishing to leave their past behind.

Secondly, we are working diligently to assist Congress to pass legislation designed to allow federal ex-offenders to earn a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

While many states assist in reintegration, there is no federal statute that helps an ex-offender in any meaningful way get employment after probation is completed.

Even though the “Second Chance Act” by Congressman Davis that was passed by Congress in 2008 contains a wide array of federal funds to be spent, the spending allocation has resulted is sending money to the very agencies that have been the reason that the United State is the world’s undisputed King of ‘Carceration.  Additionally, little of the funding goes to help federal ex-offenders.

What Must be Done:

The Rehabilitated Project has proposed a powerful, entirely new, concept on the federal level – the Certificate of Rehabilitation (“COR”) and is pushing hard to get it enacted.  It reads:

Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation. A person convicted of a crime in a United States Federal District Court may, five years after release from physical custody, or, if there is no physical custody ordered five years from the date of sentencing, petition to receive a Certificate of Rehabilitation after an evidentiary showing of such rehabilitation by clear and convincing evidence. Such a petition shall be heard in the form of a noticed motion and shall be held without reliance on the record of conviction. Venue for the motion shall be in that section of the federal district in which the petitioner maintains his, or her, abode. A showing of continued good citizenship, no other conviction of any crime (minor misdemeanors excepted), and acceptance of responsibility for the detrimental effects caused to society by lawless behavior through such continued conduct as community service, civic participation, social readaptation, lack of chemical or alcohol dependence and morality shall constitute such evidence. Upon receipt of such a showing, the Court shall issue a Certificate of Rehabilitation to the petitioner which shall fulfill Federal Evidence Code §609(c) and disallow the placement into evidence in any other federal or state process, hearing or decision relating to testimony, licensing or public office the existence or circumstances surrounding the conviction(s) for which the Certificate shall have been issued.

The COR would, as we see it, become a part of the federal criminal code and would ensure that an ex-offender who has for the required period of time conducted himself civilly could rejoin society.

How to get the Second Chance Act in place:

The United States legislative process sometimes does what is right all by itself; sometimes it does not.  Congressmen, such as Charlie Rangel and others, have worked for years to bring equity to America’s 16-million member caste of federal ex-offenders.

It is now time, with ever-greater prisoner populations and ever-decreasing compassion (see Death of Compassion) that the vox populi (voice of the people) must be marshaled into action.  Direct contacts with Members of Congress as well as mail, email and faxes are, indeed, the key to success.

During a recent trip to Washington, DC, TRP founder Charles Benninghoff presented to several Members of the House Judiciary Committee (including Congressman Danny Davis) our Certificate of Rehabilitation.  Several Members stated that they will support the COR during the upcoming 2008-2009 term.

Help us help Congress enact our law:

Please JOIN The Rehabilitated Project.  If your life is impacted by a conviction, join us and fight for reintegration. We will work together to get the Certificate of Rehabilitation passed!  Without the voice of the people, a lot of people, justice may never come.  Take comfort in the fact that we protect all of your personal information (See our PRIVACY POLICY).

We have built a Coalition of groups that is completely behind passing the Second Chance Act.  Make your time count by helping.  Join NOW!